Why Is It Called A Tommy Gate?

Woodbine Manufacturing Company was founded in 1965, in Woodbine, Iowa by Delbert “Bus” Brown. Working alone, Bus designed and constructed the original Tommy Gate Hydraulic Lift, which he named after his son.

How much does a liftgate cost?

Depending on the lift gate model and size, a unit can cost anywhere between $2,000 to $7,000. Lift gates can handle up to around 3,500 pounds (about 1.6 tons) and fold up after use.

What is a Tommy Gate used for?

Pickup liftgates are used to lift all kinds of heavy cargo from oil drums to common household appliances. Knowing what the liftgate will be lifting is essential to identifying what lifting capacity, platform loading size, and platform material will be ideal for the application.

Who invented the Tommy Gate?

Delbert Brown

Industry Commercial Truck Equipment
Founder Delbert Brown
Headquarters Woodbine, Iowa, United States
Products Hydraulic Liftgates
Parent Woodbine Manufacturing Company

How much does a Tommy Gate weigh?

With a lifting capacity of 650, the Tommy Gate 650 Series weighs 355 lbs. As a low-capacity, compact, and internally-mounted liftgate, the 650 Series is the ideal liftgate for lightweight van applications.

What is lift gate?

What Is A Lift Gate? A lift gate refers to a foldable metal platform that is mounted on the back of a commercial truck. In countries outside of the U.S., the term “tailgate” may be used instead of liftgate. And in the U.S., “liftgate” and “lift gate” are used interchangeably.

Can you add a liftgate?

You can only install a liftgate on pickup trucks with a mounting bracket, and you can check a pickup liftgate application chart for that. Certain liftgate models aren’t compatible based on the truck application.

Why is liftgate service so expensive?

There is a very small task on the side of a business owner, who will require the service of liftgate but the freight delivery service company would need more time and service for using them. This extra charge is for accommodating the extra loading and unloading activities during pick up or delivery.

What is the difference between a tailgate and liftgate?

The Difference Between A Liftgate And A Tailgate

You lift a liftgate upwards, while you lower a tailgate. A tailgate is lowered for loading or unloading. Tailgates are found on pickup trucks and on a few SUV’s. Liftgates are very common on SUVs, crossovers, and hatchback sedans.

How long do Liftgates last?

“They’re very handy, and they last a long time — at least 10 years — and they run off the truck batteries with no charging assistance.” Another fleet executive said liftgates can improve operations.

Can you have a hitch with a lift gate?

We have many hitch options for a truck that has a lift gate, but very few of them are a simple bolt on custom application. Because the locations for attaching lift gates vary, you will need to use a weld on option like the Class V Universal Weld-on Receiver Hitch # 15903.

How much weight can a liftgate handle?

Most liftgates can handle freight that is equal to or less than 96 inches wide, and 48 inches deep. This means that standard-sized pallets can easily be used with a liftgate. The weight limit on a standard liftgate is 2500 lbs.

How do you lubricate a Tommy Gate?

Clean the inside surfaces of the uprights with a nonflammable solvent. Lubricate the roller chains, sliders, uprights, and pivot points with clean, high-quality, nondetergent, petroleum-based oil – DO NOT USE GREASE. Use nondetergent 10W @ (14°F-32°F), 20W @ (32°F-104°F), and 30W @ (104°F-122°F).

How do you manually lower a Tommy Gate?

To activate the control, press the “LIFTGATE ACTIVATED” hidden switch twice within one second (located under the Tommy Gate logo). You should see the red “LIFTGATE ACTIVATED” light when the control is activated. To lower the platform, push the toggle switch down. To raise the platform, push the toggle switch up.

How does a truck lift gate work? (video)


How much weight does a lift gate add to a truck?

Lift gate weight capacity can range from 1500 lbs to 3500 lbs. As a general rule you are going to see smaller capacity gates on smaller trucks and larger capacity gates on larger trucks. You can get lift gates for trucks as small as a pickup or light utility truck or van. A good guideline to go with is 2500 lbs.

Do cargo vans have Liftgates?

Cargo Van Liftgates

V2 Series The latest in liftgate technology, the V2 Series by Tommy Gate provides the maximum platform loading area while occupying the smallest possible space when stored in the rear of the van.

Can you add a lift gate to a box truck?

While a box truck comes equipped to make product deliveries when purchased direct from the manufacturers, you can make some modifications to help your box truck become even more efficient. One of these modifications is the addition of a liftgate.

What cars have automatic liftgate?

2. Car brands with automatic liftgate

Car brands Models
Ford C-Max Energi and Hybrid, Edge, Escapade, Explorer
Honda CR-V
Hyundai Azera, Elantra, Santa Fe, Santa Fe Sports, Sonata, Tucson
Kia Cadenza, K900, Optima, Sedona, Sorento, Sportage

What is an inside delivery?

Inside delivery to businesses.

If delivering to a business, inside delivery generally means the shipment will be left inside the door of the business. Typically, the carrier will bring the freight a few feet inside the main entrance.

What is a rear liftgate?

In North America, “liftgate” is the commonly used term for a hydraulic lift installed at the rear of a vehicle that can be used to mechanically load or unload cargo. In the automobile industry, “liftgate” is also used to refer to the automatic rear door of a van, minivan, or crossover SUV type vehicle.

Can power liftgate be installed?

Power liftgates are installable on SUVs, CUVs, and vans—vehicles that have back doors that operate in an up-and-down, hinge-like motion.

Is a power liftgate worth it?

From a convenience standpoint, power liftgates are extremely helpful if you access your vehicle’s cargo area frequently. Additionally, the ability to open the hatch or tailgate without needing to put down whatever you’re carrying can be a huge plus.

Can a power liftgate be installed aftermarket?

This retrofit power tailgate lift assisting system opens and closes your rear door by simply pressing a button. It provides additional security and value to your vehicle. Installation is designed for the do-it-yourself and comes with various brackets depending on your car.

What does liftgate service include?

Liftgate delivery service involves a truck affixed with a piece of hydraulic or electric equipment that is installed on the back of a truck, enabling freight to be lifted several feet from off the ground to the tailgate of the truck, or lowered from the truck’s tailgate to the ground.

How do I know if I need a liftgate?

If the individual freight items weigh more than 150 pounds each a forklift or liftgate is typically required. Construction Sites- They are common in construction areas wherein an adequate shipping dock has not been built.

What is common carrier with liftgate?

Liftgate Service

Liftgate is an optional service that we offer that makes it easier to receive your common carrier shipments. The liftgate is a motorized platform on the back of the truck that will lower your freight from the truck down onto the ground.

Can you manually open a power liftgate?

When operating the power liftgate after you have programmed a lower height than fully open, you can fully open the liftgate by manually pushing it upward to the maximum open position.

Can you close an automatic trunk manually?

To close the liftgate, press the button on the left side on the inside of the liftgate. To stop it, press the button again. If the liftgate is open and you start to lower it manually, the door will close automatically.

Which 2020 cars have hands-free liftgate?

What SUVs Have A Hands-Free Liftgate?

  • Range Rover Velar.
  • Lexus GX.
  • Lincoln Navigator.
  • Nissan Armada.
  • Toyota Sequoia.
  • Do 18 wheelers have Liftgates?

    Yes. The trucks do have lift gates.

    How much does a box truck liftgate weigh?

    Now the total weight on the liftgate is upwards of 1400lbs. and a 2000lb lifting capacity may be more appropriate than a 1500. Required lifting capacity will greatly determine what types of liftgates a user will want to initially look at.

    Do LTL carriers have pallet jacks?

    Normally common carrier LTL drivers will only pick up freight from the end of the dock –at most they might use a device called a “pallet jack” to pull the skids from the end of the dock onto the back of the truck.

    Why is my liftgate not working?

    The most common liftgate issues can be traced back to the motor or motor start solenoid. If you hear a clicking noise when the switch is activated, more than likely you have a bad solenoid. Using a small jumper cable, bypass the solenoid by putting direct power to the motor to see if it will run.

    How do you bleed a hydraulic liftgate? (video)


    How do you grease a lift gate?

    If there is rust or oil on Liftgate or if the Liftgate is dirty, clean it off. Touch up the galvanized finish where bare metal is showing. Pump EP chassis grease in each lube fitting on the cylinders and arms until grease starts oozing from ends of the bearings.

    How do you activate Tommy liftgate?

    To activate the control, press the “LIFTGATE ACTIVATED” hidden switch twice within one second (located under the Tommy Gate logo). You should see the red “LIFTGATE ACTIVATED” light when the control is activated. To lower the platform, push the control toggle switch down.

    How does a Tommy lift work? (video)


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