What Engine Is In A 1988 Chevy S10?

The engine type is 2.5L L4 OHV 8V. The car has a large tank size capacity of 13.20 gallon. 1988 Chevrolet S10 Pickup uses 24 miles/gallon of gasoline in the city. On highways, the usage of gasoline comes to only 30 miles/gallon.

Is the Chevy S10 rare?

Among all the Chevy trucks produced so far, the S10 EV is the rarest of all. The electric S10 was powered by the EV1’s detuned drivetrains which churned 114 horsepower. It is believed that when the EV1 was launched, Chevy engineers got inspired by its modular powertrain.

Are Chevy S10 good trucks?

It is dependable, easy to work on and the cost of parts is reasonable. Have had my S10 extra cab since new in ’01 and overall has been very dependable and good vehicle.

How much is a 1998 Chevy S10 SS worth?

1998 Chevrolet S-10 Value – $454-$3,101 | Edmunds.

What does the S stand for in S10?

The Chevrolet S10, also known as the S-10 or S-Series, is a midsize pickup truck marketed by General Motors since 1981 primarily across the Americas. The S10 was introduced for the first time in North America as the S-10. A variant of that model launched several years later in South America.

What transmission does a S10 have?

4L60-E Automatic

The L60-E four-speed electronically-controlled automatic dates to1982 and transmitted power from the engine not only for the S10, but also for the sixth generation Corvettes.

What is the rarest S10?

As you already know, your Chevrolet S10 SS is one of the rarest of the S10 family after being brought to market in 1994. (There was an even rarer S10 in 1997-1998 that was fully electric, but that’s a story for another column).

What is the rarest Chevy truck?

14 Chevrolet K10 Sno Chaser

The 1984 Chevrolet Sno Chaser is amongst the rarest of Chevrolet pickups, and only available in red with golden stripes. It was sold exclusively in northern states where the climate is colder and the roads could get icy.

What engine is in a Chevy S10?

The only engine offered for the S10 was the 4.3-liter V6 engine, which offered almost 200 hp. It was mated as standard with a 4-speed automatic transmission. The S10 was built on a chassis-ladder platform, with a rigid axle in the back and front independent suspension.

Are Chevy S10 good on gas?

Chevrolet has manufactured models of S10 Pickup 2WD for 20 years. They average 20.1 combined miles per gallon, with the latest 2003 S10 Pickup 2WD below average at 17 combined MPG.

Fuel Efficiency.

Vehicle Model 1995 Chevrolet S10 Pickup 2WD
Combined MPG 18
Highway MPG 22
City MPG 15

Which is better S10 or Ford Ranger?

The Ranger is a good truck, and the s10 is as well. The Ranger is a little better built, but not by enough to make the s10 a bad choice. Maintenance is a bigger factor than innate build quality.

Why is S10 popular?

The S10 is no exception; What it lacks in size, it makes up for with performance and unique character. It’s a legendary representation of the unique origins of compact Chevy pickups. The first S-10 made its debut in 1982, a compact pickup that would accumulate a faithful fan base over time.

How much do Chevy S10 go for?

About the Chevrolet S10 Pickup

Truck Original MSRP/Price Drive
S-10 Crew Cab 123′ WB 4WD LS $24660 / $22317 AWD4WD

What are common problems for a Chevy S10?

Top Chevrolet S10 Problems

  • ABS Light Due to Brake System Control Unit Failure.
  • Internal Faults in Distributor Can Cause Engine Problems.
  • Fuel Level Sensor Failure.
  • Replace Fuel Filter Every 30,000 to Prevent Fuel Pump Failure.
  • Heater Core Under Right Side of Dashboard May Leak Engine Coolant.
  • Why did they discontinue the Chevy S10?

    Chevrolet discontinued the S10 pickup truck in 2004. This was 22 years after its first launch in 1982. It was replaced largely for the same reason that a lot of modern vehicles are: fluctuating trends of the ever-changing automotive industry and changing consumer demands.

    Did an S-10 come in a dually?

    Nope they never did, but as an oddity, there was a special order listed on a build sheet * 10, for a customer in Colorado for a big block version of the basic 1983 fleet side model. The 10 were built with a very early BB engine mounts but no engines.

    How long do S-10 transmissions last?

    Factory design flaws still play a part though, and can restrict service life to 120,000-180,000 miles. However a remanufactured transmission can last a lot longer.

    Will a Chevy V6 transmission fit a v8?

    v8 swap is very easy, the stock v6 tranny will work but it won’t hold up as well as the v8 tranny, and get the v8 computer and wire in the extra 2 injectors into the wiring harness and your set.

    What year is 1st S10?

    Building off the earlier Chevy-dubbed LUV, “light utility vehicles,” produced between 1972 and 1982, Chevy released the first S10 in 1982. Affordable, durable, and dependable, the S10 pickup trucks sold from 1982 to 2003 and came in two-wheel drive with either four-cylinder or V6 engines.

    When did they stop making S10 trucks?

    The fun ended in 2004 when Chevy officially discontinued the S-10. It was replaced with the Chevy Colorado.

    How rare is a Chevy Big 10?

    According to GM records, this truck is just 1 of 5,726 shortbed, big blocks out of almost 800,000 trucks built for the model year.

    What is the rarest car ever?

    8 of the Rarest Cars in the World

  • Aston Martin Bulldog – $1.3 million.
  • 1954 Oldsmobile F-88 – $3.3 million.
  • 2008 Maybach Exelero – $8 million.
  • 1970 Porsche 917 – $14 million.
  • 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa – $39.8 million.
  • 1964 Ferrari 250 GTO – $70 million.
  • These ultra-rare cars are more prevalent on posters than in real life.
  • What is the most popular classic truck?

    10 Best Classic American Trucks

  • 8 1967-1977 Ford F-250 “Highboy”
  • 7 1947-1955 Chevrolet 3100.
  • 6 1945-1968 Dodge Power Wagon.
  • 5 1967-1972 Chevrolet C/K Action Line.
  • 4 1963-1987 Jeep Gladiator And J-Series trucks.
  • 3 1956-1960 Ford F-100.
  • 2 1992-2006 AM General Hummer H1.
  • 1 1942-1959 Napco Chevy and GMC Trucks.
  • How much does it cost to put a v8 in an s10?

    The average cost we’ve found, for a V-8 conversion and all of the parts necessary is between $3,500-7,500.

    Will a v8 fit in a Chevy s10?

    A 1982–1992 Camaro V-8 engine and 700-R4 transmission can be put into an S-10 with just a few changes. The only changes required on this engine to fit it into a 4×4 are the motor mounts, the oil pan, and the offset oil filter adapter. WHOOPS! First, a caveat.

    How much HP does a 4.3 V6 have?

    4.3L V6 LV3 (this engine) 5.3L V8 L83.

    EcoTec3 Engine Family Features.

    Type: 4.3L Gen V V6 VVT (LV3)
    Bin 4 emissions
    Returnless fuel system
    Horsepower hp (kw)
    Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra: 285 hp (213 kw) @ 5300 RPM SAE Certified

    How many gallons does a Chevy S10 hold?

    Fuel & MPG

    361.0/475.0 mi. 19.0 gal.

    How many gallons of gas does a 99 S10 hold?

    Used 1999 Chevrolet S-10 Specs & Features

    Fuel & MPG
    EPA mileage est. (cty/hwy) 20/26 MPG
    Combined MPG 23 MPG
    Range in miles (cty/hwy) 380.0/494.0 mi.
    Fuel tank capacity 19.0 gal.

    How many miles a gallon does a Toyota Tacoma get get?

    Whether you need a vehicle that can keep you working all day or you just want to take on the off-road trails for hours on end, the Toyota Tacoma has the fuel efficiency you need. This truck is engineered to be lightweight and efficient, achieving an EPA-estimated 20 city/23 highway MPG.

    Did the Colorado replace the S10?

    Chevrolet stopped building the S10 pickup truck in North America in 2004 because it had decided to replace it with a new model called the Chevy Colorado that was a direct replacement.

    What years did they make Ford Ranger?

    Ford Ranger (Americas)

    Ford Ranger
    Production 1982–2011 October 2018–present
    Model years 1983–2011 2019–present
    Body and chassis
    Class Compact pickup truck (1983–2012) Mid-size pickup truck (2019–present)

    What is a Ford Ranger STX?

    The Ford Ranger STX Special Edition includes unique 18-inch black-painted alloy wheels with machined-finished edges, an 8-inch SYNC 3 touchscreen with AppLink, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support, satellite radio, dual-zone climate control, silver-painted interior accents and privacy glass with a rear window

    How much does a 1988 S10 weigh?

    As for its exterior dimensions, it measured 178 inches in length, 65 inches in width and 61 inches in height with a 108-inch wheelbase. Curb weight varied at a range of about 2,500 to 3,000 lbs., depending on trim and transmission.

    What replaced the Chevy S10?

    GM decided to replace the S10 with another compact pickup truck in the shape of the Chevy Colorado in 2004, which was also sold in slightly different forms as the GMC Canyon and Isuzu i-Series.

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