What Engine Comes In A 2000 Honda Civic EX Coupe?

Used 2000 Honda Civic EX Coupe Specs & FeaturesEngineBase engine size1.6 LCylindersInline 4Base engine typeGasHorsepower127 hp @ 6,600 rpm

Does the 2000 Honda Civic EX Coupe have VTEC?

As well as the EX, EX-L, HX (6th generation), Si, Si-R, VTi VTiR and Civic Type R (CTR), Honda models with VTEC have VTEC as well.

How much did a Honda Civic cost in 2000?

About the 2000 Honda Civic

Sedan Original MSRP/Price Horsepower
Civic 4dr Sdn EX Manual $16830 / $15204 127
Civic 4dr Sdn LX Auto $15730 / $13944 106
Civic 4dr Sdn LX Manual $14930 / $13223 106
Civic 4dr Sdn VP Auto $14730 / $13309 106

What does VTEC stand for?

The VTEC (Variable Valve Timing & Lift Electronic Control) system uses separate camshaft profiles for low and high-end performance, and the engine computer selects between profiles.

Is i-VTEC better than VTEC? (video)


How do I know if my Civic is VTEC? (video)


Are VTEC engines good?

Honda cars equipped with VTEC technology tend to be more efficient across a wider rpm range than many comparable vehicles, and they’re a lot of fun to drive in the right conditions, but most motorists won’t notice their VTEC kicking in.

Is Honda Civic 2000 reliable?

The Civic has an admirable reliability record; little of a serious nature went wrong with them when they were in their prime. That time has passed, so any problems that might occur now are most likely due to age, high kilometres, or poor maintenance.

Are Honda Civics fast?

Using its quick gear shifting to excite drivers, the 2021 Honda Civic has a top speed of 137 mph. Quick on the draw, this speed is reliant on driver ability and displays the ability of the 2021 Civic.

What year Honda Civic should I buy?

2010-2012 Eighth-Generation Honda Civic

If you can get your hands on a Civic between these years, do it. This was one of the best periods for the brand, and all of the Civics of this time run well, last long, and look great.

What transmission does 2000 Honda Civic EX have?

5-speed manual

Specifications As Tested
Transmission: 5-speed manual
EPA fuel economy, city/hwy: 29/35 mpg
Wheelbase: 103.2 in.
Length/width/height: 175.1/67.1/54.7 in.

How many gears does a 2000 Honda Civic have?


Transmission 5-speed manual
Drive type Front wheel drive

What is a VTEC engine?

VTEC (Variable Valve Timing & Lift Electronic Control) is a system developed by Honda to improve the volumetric efficiency of a four-stroke internal combustion engine, resulting in higher performance at high RPM, and lower fuel consumption at low RPM.

Is a 2000 Honda Civic automatic?

4) in 2000, the model with 4-door sedan body and Line-4 1590 cm3 / 96.8 cui, 79 kW / 107 PS / 106 hp (SAE net) of power, 140 Nm / 103 lb-ft of torque, 4-speed automatic powertrain for North America .

Is a D16Y8 VTEC?

The Honda D16Y8 is a 1.6L 4-cylinder VTEC engine with a single overhead cam (SOHC). Right off the production line in 1996 it had 127 hp and 107 lb-ft of torque. The engine was only produced for four years before it was replaced by the Honda D17 series engine, however it is still popular to this day.

Whats better VTEC or Turbo?

Turbo produces more torque and horsepower obviously while VTEC is more about pushing the maximum horsepower out of the engine since torque on VTEC cars can only be felt on VTEC range meaning anywhere after 5,500RPMs but yet the torque is still nothing compared with a turbo’s torque output.

Is VTEC a turbo?

VTEC TURBO Fuel Efficient Under Any Condition

The VTEC TURBO engine produces more torque than the 2.4L naturally-aspirated engine, thanks to its turbo. The VTEC TURBO allows a small, 1.5L engine to perform as well as a 2.4L engine.

What RPM does VTEC kick?

No biggie, just have the dealer check it out for you. our vtec kicks in at around 4200 to 4500 rpm depending on eninge temp, oil presure and other things. the s2000 vtec kicks in at 6000 rpm.

Is i-VTEC fast?

The incredible feature of this technology is that the engine can have the low-speed and high-speed camshafts in the same engine. In fact, the main idea with Honda i-VTEC is to have the maximum engine performance at every RPM range.

At what RPM does VTEC kick in Honda City?

The VTEC mechanism engages a high-lift, long-duration “race” cam profile at a set RPM value (i.e., ~5500RPM on the B16A) to increase high-end power delivery.

How do I know if my engine is VTEC? (video)


Does the Honda Civic EX have VTEC?

Several Honda Civic models have a VTEC standard. The Honda EX, EX-L, HX, Si, Si-R, VTi, VTiR, and Civic Type R are some of them. In addition to the upgraded Civic, all of these features come with a Civic at their core.

Does 2001 Honda Civic EX have VTEC?

EX continues with a 127-horse VTEC, sized 1.7 liters this year and boasting added twisting force for 2001. Either engine can be mated to a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission except in the GX, which comes with a standard CVT.

What old Hondas have VTEC?

Honda Models with VTEC

For Civics the EX, EX-L, HX (6th generation), Si, Si-R, VTi VTiR and Civic Type R (CTR) are VTEC.

Does VTEC add horsepower?

The VTEC head itself was designed to be higher flowing, to begin with. So not every bit of power was gained from VTEC. It is safe to say though: Adding VTEC to an engine will increase the overall power output and make your car faster. You should expect around a 10-30HP gain from VTEC.

Do Honda Civics have problems?

Honda Civic Reliability Problems. Civic owners have made 6,465 complaints over 31 model years. Using our PainRank™ system we’ve ranked it second to last in overall reliaibility , with significant transmission and body concerns.

How long does a Honda transmission last?

Some transmissions can last just over 10,000 miles, while others will last over 200,000 miles. Generally though, regular vehicle maintenance is the number one factor effecting a transmission’s lifespan, and good upkeep can help it last even longer.

How many miles can a 2000 Honda Civic last?

Now, let’s answer your question, “how many miles can a Honda Civic last?” On average, it should last for more than 200,000 miles. However, with proper care and maintenance, it can last you longer — up to 300,000 miles or more!

Are Honda Civics expensive to fix?

A Honda Civic will cost about $5,245 for maintenance and repairs during its first 10 years of service. This beats the industry average for popular sedan models by $1,594. There is also a 15.57% chance that a Civic will require a major repair during that time.

How many years can a Civic last?

In general, expect a well-maintained Honda Civic to run about 200,000 to 300,000 miles and last up to 20 years.

What is a Honda EX T?

The EX-T is a variation of the EX model that distinguishes itself primarily thanks to its more powerful turbocharged engine. The LX and EX models of the 2018 Honda Civic use a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated engine with 158 horsepower. The EX-T replaces it with a 1.5-liter turbo with an output of 174 horsepower.

Is Honda Civic EX or LX better?

Since the Honda Civic EX comes with a higher price, you can expect to get more power and features. If you want additional horsepower and luxurious appointments, the EX is a great option. However, if you want to retain the dependability of the Honda Civic while also saving big, the Honda Civic LX is a good fit.

How fast is a Honda Civic EX?

Using its smooth shifting to exhilarate drivers, the 2021 Honda Civic has a top speed of 137 mph.

What years of Honda Civic are the most reliable?

Between the 1998, 2012, and 2014 models, these are 3 of the best used Honda Civic models you should buy if you’re shopping for a pre-owned Honda. Not only do they have a low number of complaints by their owners, but they also have the proven reliability of used Hondas.

Does the Honda Civic EX have a turbo?

The entry-level Civics EX have a manual. The engine is a four-cylinder with a power output of 158 horsepower. As for Honda Civic EX models in 2021, they feature a turbo engine that produces 1.0 liter of power.

Are used Honda Civics reliable?

In fact, Honda’s CRV, Civic and Accord are three of the top 20 most reliable cars of the decade according to Consumer Reports Honda earned Top 3 spots for numerous 2019 Kelley Blue Book Awards for Best Resale Value including compact car and mid-size car.

What engines fit in a 2000 Honda Civic?

What Engine Does A 2000 Honda Civic Come With?

1996-2000 Honda Civic
Body types 2-door hatchback; 2-door coupe; 4-door sedan
Base engine 1.6L/106-hp SOHC I-4
Optional engines 1.6L/127-hp SOHC I-4; 1.6L/160-hp DOHC I-4
Brakes, f/r Disc/drum, optional ABS (some models); Disc/disc (Si only)

What gas does a 2000 Honda Civic take?

2000 Honda Civic

EPA MPG Owner MPG Estimates
2000 Honda Civic 4 cyl, 1.6 L, Automatic 4-spd
Regular Gasoline View Estimates How can I share my MPG?
27 combined city/highway MPG 24 city 32 highway 3.7 gals/ 100 miles
2000 Honda Civic 4 cyl, 1.6 L, Automatic 4-spd

How much gas does a 2000 Honda Civic use?

2000 Honda Civic

Vehicle EPA Fuel Economy Annual Fuel Cost
2000 Honda Civic 1.6 L, 4 cyl, Manual 5-spd, Regular Gasoline
28 MPG 25 32 combined city/hwy city hwy 3.6 gal/100 mi $2,300
2000 Honda Civic 1.6 L, 4 cyl, Automatic 4-spd, Regular Gasoline
27 MPG 24 32 combined city/hwy city hwy 3.7 gal/100 mi $2,400

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