What County Is ZIP Code 68801 In?

Hall CountyPost Office City:Grand Island, NE (View All Cities)County:Hall CountyTimezone:Central (6:07pm)Area code:308 (Area Code Map)Coordinates:41.0, -98.3 ZIP (~11 mile radius)

What is Nassau County zip code?

Zip Code List County – Nassau County,

Zip Code City County
11030 Manhasset Nassau County
11030 Plandome Nassau County
11040 New Hyde Park Nassau County
11042 New Hyde Park Nassau County

What’s my zip code in Hawaii?

Zip Code List Zip Code – 967 in Hawaii

Zip Code City County
96732 Kahului Maui County
96733 Kahului Maui County
96734 Kailua Honolulu County
96737 Ocean View Hawaii County

How many zip codes are in Nassau County NY?

Nassau County, New York: 70 Zip Codes.

What county is ZIP code 12123 in?

Rensselaer County

Post Office City: Nassau, NY (View All Cities)
County: Rensselaer County
Timezone: Eastern (12:06pm)
Coordinates: 42.53, -73.59 ZIP (~6 mile radius)

What is Suffolk County zip code?

Zip Code List Zip Code – 117 in New York

Zip Code City County
11727 Coram Suffolk County
11729 Deer Park Suffolk County
11730 East Islip Suffolk County
11731 Elwood Suffolk County

What is Oahu ZIP code?

Oahu Postal Zip Codes

Aiea 96701
Honolulu 96801 – 96814
Waikiki 96815
Waialae / Kahala 96816
Kapalama 96817

How do you write an address for Hawaii?

An example of a TMK is 3-7-4-007-090-0000 (or alternatively, in a condensed format: 3-7-4-7-90). The first number (in this example, 3) designates the island. Oahu is 1, Maui (with Molokai & Lanai) is 2, Hawaii (Big Island) is 3 and Kauai is 4. The second number (7) shows the zone.

Is Grand Island Nebraska an actual island?

Grand Island, city, seat of Hall county, south-central Nebraska, U.S., about 90 miles (145 km) west of Lincoln.

Why is Grand Island NE called Grand Island?

“Grand Island” came from the French name “La Grande Ile,” meaning the large or great island in the Platte River which was formed by a narrow channel branching off the Platte River approximately 28 miles upstream from the present city of Grand Island and rejoining the main river about 12 miles down- stream from the city

Is Grand Island Nebraska a good place to live?

The annual BestPlaces Comfort Index for the Grand Island metro area is 7.3 (10=best), which means it is one of the most pleasant places in Nebraska. September, June and May are the most pleasant months while January and December are the least comfortable months.

What area code is 308 529?

Area code 308 is located in western Nebraska and covers Grand Island, Kearney, and North Platte. It is the only area code that serves the area.

Where is area code 308 365?

Area code 308 is in Nebraska (NE), USA and some of the main locations covered are Grand Island, Kearney, North Platte, .. (jump to city list below). Area code 308 has been in service since 01 January 1955.

What area code is 310?

Major cities covered by area code 310 include Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Malibu, and Long Beach.

What area is 516 area code?

The 516 area code serves Nassau County – situated on western Long Island, bordering New York City’s borough of Queens to the west, and Suffolk County to the east. Nassau County contains just two historic cities – Glen Cove and Long Beach, both a part of Long Island’s Gold Coast established in the early 1890s.

What is the area code for Long Island NY?

Area codes 631 and 934 are the telephone area codes in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) for Suffolk County, New York on Long Island. Area code 631 was created in 1999 in a split from 516; and 934 was added as an overlay in 2016.

How many zip codes are in Suffolk County NY?

List of 376 Zip Codes in Suffolk County, New York.

How many zip codes are in Suffolk?

Suffolk County, New York: 107 Zip Codes.

What state is Long Island part of?

Long Island is located at the southern tip of New York State, just east of New York City. It stretches approximately 120 miles east and is surrounded by the Long Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean.

What island is ZIP code 96734?

Large capital city/Resort city – Southern coast, Island of Oahu.

What island is Waianae?

Waianae Range, Hawaiian Wai’anae, mountain range forming the western coast of Oahu island, Hawaii, U.S. The range is the oldest area of volcanic activity on the island. It is 22 miles (35 km) long and 9 miles (14 km) wide and is composed of three lava groups.

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