Is Sailun Tire Good?

Every Sailun tire is of excellent quality; they have tire like the SH406 that outperforms many of its competitors in almost all weather conditions. The SH406 has a compound all-season design that makes it perfect for vehicle owners that live in regions with several weather changes every year.

Are Sailun tires made in China?

Sailun tires are made in China, are a Tier Three tire brand that focuses on price point rather than performance, and I feel comfortable recommending these tires to you.

Who is Sailun tires made by?

China. Sailun Tyres are manufactured by the parent company Mesnac Co. Ltd. Established in the year 2002 in the National Economic and Technological Development Zone in Qingdao, China, Sailun tyres is a logical evolution of the tyre building equipment manufacturer Mesnac.

Are Sailun tires quiet?

The symmetric V-Shaped tread improves handling and traction in wet conditions. The grooved tread walls enhance high speed stability and reduce road noise so you have a comfortable and quiet ride.

Are Sailun tires made by Cooper?

In 2018 an agreement was formed with Cooper Tires to have the Vietnamese arm of Sailun to produce Cooper truck and bus radial tires. In the United States and Mexico, Sailun Tires is distributed as a private brand by TBC Brands.

Are sailun Tyres budget or mid range?

Sailun are one of the fastest-growing and most popular mid-range tyre brands currently within the tyre market.

Are sailun tires all season?

The Sailun 4Season is an all-weather tire combining the best traits of a performance all-season tire with the traction and grip of our renowned winter tire lineup. The unique directional asymmetric tread pattern is engineered to deliver all-season and winter performance.

Are sailun tires good in snow?

With some good cold-weather testing under my belt, I came away impressed with the Sailun IceBlazer WST1 winter tires. Traction in the snow is excellent and I see no reason not to recommend them – especially if you can indeed find them for 20-30% less than competitive winter tires.

What tires are made in America?

In fact, there are only two genuine American brands: Goodyear and Cooper. The largest foreign tire companies with plants in the US include Michelin, Pirelli, Continental, Bridgestone, and Yokohama.

Are Sailun tires made in Vietnam?

Sailun has established modern tire manufacturing plants in Qingdao, Dongying, Shenyang and Vietnam, and set up sales networks and logistics centers in Canada, Germany and other regions to service markets around the globe.

Where are Michelin tires made?

Michelin produces tires in France, Serbia, Poland, Spain, Germany, the US, the UK, Canada, Brazil, Thailand, Japan, India, Italy and several other countries.

Where are Kumho Tires Made?

Kumho Tires runs three manufacturing facilities in South Korea: the Pyeongtaek Plant, the Gokseong Plant and the Gwangju Plant which includes the Kumho Research and Development center mentioned below. There are a further three plants in China: the Tianjin Plant, the Gaoxin Plant (in Nanjing) and the Changchun Plant.

How long do Atrezzo tires last?

The Atrezzo SH406 is an all-season tire that offers drivers superior traction in dry, wet, and light snow conditions along with a 45,000-mile limited tread life warranty. Today’s drivers often crave a tire that’s built to last and performs year-round.

Where are Cooper tires made?

Cooper operates plants in Findlay, Ohio; Tupelo, Miss.; and Texarkana, Ark. The plants in Ohio and Arkansas produce both passenger and light truck tires. Cooper’s plant in Mississippi only manufactures passenger tires.

What company makes Cooper tires?

In June, Cooper Tire became part of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, combining two leading companies with complementary product portfolios, services and capabilities and creating a strong U.S.-based leader in the global tire industry.

Where are Toyo tires made?

Service, style, and really great tires

Many of these tires are built here in the United States at our state-of-the-art factory in Bartow County, Georgia.

Where is Goodyear tires made?

3. Where are Goodyear Tires made? Goodyear makes most of their tires in Akron, Ohio, USA. However, minor factories exist in places like Venezuela, India, Turkey, and Malaysia.

Is Westlake a good tire?

At normal speeds, all Westlake tires perform well. They work very well on dry roads and work better than other cheap tires on wet roads. While premium tires will last even longer, you won’t find another low-cost option that lasts this long. Most Westlake tires provide a comfortable and quiet driving experience.

Which tyre brand is best?

Top 10 Best Tyre Brands in India

  • MRF Tyres. MRF is one of India’s oldest tyre manufacturing enterprises, founded a year before Indian independence in 1946.
  • Apollo Tyres. It is one of India’s most renowned and well-known tyre companies.
  • JK Tyres.
  • CEAT Tyres.
  • Michelin Tyres.
  • Bridgestone.
  • Continental.
  • Goodyear.
  • Is Maxxis a budget tyre?

    Maxxis is a mid-range brand. Started out as a budget tyre, and because of the quality of the products which has significantly improved over the years we class them a mid range. Maxxis is a Chinese manufacture and has been making tyres since 1970.

    Is Yokohama a premium tire?

    Yokohama is generally considered a premium brand although some sectors of the motor industry will class it as a mid-range tyre.

    Are sailun Atrezzo tires directional?

    The Sailun 4Season is an all-weather tire combining the best traits of a performance all-season tire with the traction and grip of our renowned winter tire lineup. The unique directional asymmetric tread pattern is engineered to deliver all-season and winter performance.

    What does HLT mean on tires?


    Tread blocks increase the contact area improving overall handling and tread wear.

    Where are Achilles tires made?

    Achilles is made in Indonesia by PT Multistrada Arah Sarana which was established in 1991. Launched in 2005 and starting out in the replacement industry, Achilles has developed a trusting relationship with affiliated companies becoming OE providers for Mitsubishi Motors, Hyundai, Daihatsu, Hino and Proton in Indonesia.

    Are sailun ice blazer tires directional?


    Directional tread pattern with aggressive sipes engineered for excellent directional grip on snow and ice while ensuring a quiet and comfortable ride.

    Are Michelin tires made in China?

    Present in China since 1988, Michelin currently employs more than 6,000 people in the country, with four industrial sites producing passenger car tires and/or truck tires (three in Shanghai and one in Shenyang).

    What tire companies are US owned?

    There are only two major American-owned tire manufacturers: Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. and Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. Each of them has multiple manufacturing plants in the U.S. So any tire with the name Goodyear or Cooper on it can be sold as American-made.

    Are tires made in Thailand any good?

    He told Traction News the country is experiencing phenomenal growth in its tire industry because Thai natural rubber is high quality and the country has a large base of skilled and knowledgeable tire and rubber workers to draw from.

    Where is Nexen Tire made?

    NEXEN TIRE is also currently operating three manufacturing plants – two in Korea and one in Qingdao, China. A new plant is under construction in Zatec, Czech Republic and will be operational by 2018.

    Where are Hankook tires made?

    The company has its headquarters in South Korea and has manufacturing facilities in South Korea, the People’s Republic of China, Hungary, Indonesia, and the United States. It has technical centers in Daejon, Korea; Akron, Ohio; Hannover, Germany; Osaka, Japan; and China.

    Who makes ice blazer tires?

    The Ice Blazer WST1 is a studdable winter tire designed for drivers that demand maximum traction in severe weather conditions, letting you outperform the elements, so you can get more out of your winter.

    Is Goodyear owned by Michelin?

    As of 2017, Goodyear is one of the top four tire manufacturers along with Bridgestone (Japan), Michelin (France) and Continental (Germany).

    Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.

    Goodyear’s new headquarters building in Akron, Ohio
    Revenue US$12.32 billion (2020)
    Operating income US$−538 Million (2020)
    Net income US$−1.254 billion (2020)

    Where do Falken tires come from?

    Falken Tires was launched in its native country of Japan in 1983 and introduced to the North American market two years later. At its inception, Falken was created as the flagship high performance radial brand under Ohtsu Tire and Rubber.

    Where are Yokohama tires made?

    The company has two manufacturing facilities in the United States: one in Salem, Virginia, and another in West Point, Mississippi.

    Which is better Kumho or Hankook?

    Hankook is best known in motorsports circles for its involvement in the Le Mans touring car series, and while Kumho comes with less of a racing pedigree, it has also secured a glowing reputation for offering good value, quality tyres at cheap prices.

    Are Kumho tires worth it?

    In Our Opinion: Kumho is best for high-performance and all-season models. The tire manufacturer delivers fuel-efficient, technologically advanced designs without sacrificing affordability. It may not be the best for winter or all-terrain tire buyers, but Kumho is a reputable tire company otherwise.

    Where are Nokian tires made?

    All Nokian Tyres’ heavy tires are designed and manufactured in Finland. Tires for trucks and buses are designed in Finland and produced in the EU.

    Where is Atrezzo tires made?

    Those looking for a good bargain might want to consider Atrezzo Z4+AS tires, which are made by Sailun, a Chinese tire manufacturer. Chinese tires have not generally been noted for their quality and/or handling, but this company, established in 2002, has for the most part defied that belief.

    Are Sailun Atrezzo ZSR run flat?

    the Sailun ZSR RUN-FLAT also eliminates the need for a spare tire, saving weight, space and time. Asymmetrical tread design for uncompromising handling and performance. variable pitch tread design provides a smooth, quiet ride.

    Who makes the Ironman tire?

    Ironman is one of the big brand names in the tire industry. This tire company has raised the bar higher for other tire manufacturers. It is a subsidiary company of the Hercules tire brand whose reputation is growing fast because of its budget-friendly but good quality tires.

    Who owns Hankook Tire Company?

    Hankook Tire was founded by Cho’s father, Cho Hong-Je, in 1941. It now exports tires to 180 countries and had revenues of $6.44 billion in fiscal 2012. Cho Yang-Rai, 75, owns 15.99% of Hankook Tire, which trades on the Korean stock exchange.

    What does XLT mean on tires?

    Even though the Discoverer AT3 has been in existence for over 40 years, Cooper launched an improved Discoverer AT3 in 2018, consisting of three distinct tires made for specific vehicles and purposes—the 4S (Four Season) for SUVs and light-duty pickups, the LT (Light Truck) for medium- and heavy-duty trucks, and the XLT

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