Is A 2017 BMW X1 A Reliable Car?

How Reliable Is the 2017 BMW X1? The 2017 BMW X1 has an above-average predicted reliability rating of 3.5 out of five from J.D. Power.

Is it worth buying a BMW X1?

Yes, the BMW X1 is a great luxury subcompact SUV . It provides just about everything one could hope for from a small crossover. It has a huge cargo hold, simple infotainment controls, an energetic engine, and sporty handling. Fuel economy is impressive too.

Is the 2017 BMW X1 fast?

BMW says the top speed of the X1 is 131 miles per hour. Three driver selectable performance modes are offered.

Does the 2017 BMW X1 have a turbo?

There is only one powertrain for the X1: a silky 228-hp turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. Front-wheel drive is standard, with all-wheel-drive available. The turbo four provides plenty of pep as well as good fuel efficiency.

Does 2017 BMW X1 have remote start? (video)

Does BMW X1 have navigation?

Sat nav and infotainment

The BMW X1 has a brilliant 8.8in touchscreen infotainment system with built-in sat nav, a DAB radio, Bluetooth and a USB socket.

Do BMW X1 have a lot of problems?

What are the most common problems with a used BMW X1 estate? The X1’s 2.0-litre diesel engine has been the subject of a number of complaints of stretched and snapping timing chains. This fault can lead to significant engine damage if the chain does snap, usually requiring replacement of the whole engine.

Is BMW X1 expensive to maintain?

Overall – the Bmw X1 has yearly car maintenance costs total to $915 . The table below shows a complete ranking of how various cars rank in this overall system as some comparison. Given that the Bmw X1 has an average of $915 and that the average vehicle costs $651 annual — the X1 is substantially cheaper to maintain.

How many miles will a BMW X1 last?

The BMW X1 is a durable vehicle that is expected to last between 150,000 – 200,00 miles when adequately maintained and driven conservatively. This equates to 10 – 13 years of service when driving 15,000 miles per year before breaking down or requiring expensive repairs.

Is BMW X1 fuel efficient?

The X1 boasts competitive fuel-economy ratings for its class, although the Mercedes-Benz GLA250 beats it in both city and highway EPA numbers. And the all-wheel-drive X1 we tested delivered just 29 mpg on the highway, 2 mpg short of its EPA rating.

Does 2017 BMW X1 have reverse camera?

Description. Our Rearview Camera Interface is equipped with: 1 Front camera input. 1 Rear camera input.

How fast can a BMW X1 go?

The 2021 BMW X1 has a 129mph max speed, a powerful feature of the X1 motor. This maximum speed is available on the base 2.0L BMW TwinPower Turbo inline 4-cylinder engine, which is actually installed in each of the xDrive and sDrive models for pure entertainment.

Is BMW X1 good in snow?

It’s pretty good in my experience. I used to live upstate and we averaged ~80″ of snow every year, so I’m used to driving in a lot of snow. Just drove through the mountains in CO a few weeks back and got hit by a surprise snow storm. The X1 performed great, don’t think I really ever lost traction.

Does BMW X1 2017 have touch screen?

Dashboard styling is au courant, particularly with an optional, 8.8-inch touchscreen mounted atop a center console that’s festooned with much-appreciated buttons for audio and climate systems. The large screen comes with a touchpad controller on top of BMW’s iDrive twist-push knob.

Is BMW X1 good for off road?

The X1 X-drive is designed to perform reasonable well in environments like, snowy, slushy muddy roads or beach/sand driving. Whilst it does have traction control, hill decent and other aids, it does not have high ground clearance or a low range gearbox.

Can I start my BMW with my phone?

The BMW Digital Key is now available for Android smartphones, starting with Samsung Galaxy S21 Series and Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. With the BMW Digital Key, customers can easily unlock and lock their BMW simply by holding their smartphone next to the handle of the driver’s door.

How do I know if my BMW x1 have remote start?

So, how do I know if my BMW has Remote Start? Check the settings of your iDrive sub-menu or Premium Package to see if “Remote Engine Start” is listed. If you have the iDrive system 7.0 or Live Cockpit installed, you will likely find it there.

Can I start my BMW with the key?

Once inside your vehicle, insert your remote key fob in the ignition slot or, if your car doesn’t have one, hold it against the key markings on the side of the steering column. You’ll then be able to start your BMW with the start/stop button on your vehicle’s dashboard, even if your key fob is dead.

Does BMW X1 have parking cameras?

The dynamic SUV, BMW X1 has been bestowed with the reverse parking camera function in all its variants. However, parking sensors do not form a part of its entry level trim but are present at the rear of its mid and top-end trims.

Does BMW X1 have 360 camera?

The dash also allows you to view the vehicle’s 360° surround camera system.

Does BMW X1 have heated seats?

The X1 seats five people on synthetic leather upholstery, and the front seats have eight-way power adjustments. Genuine leather upholstery, heated front seats, sliding and reclining rear seats, and a heated steering wheel are available.

Are used BMW X1 reliable?

Reliability Survey, the X1 petrol ranked out of 28 cars in the family SUV class, while its diesel counterparts landed a 12th place finish. As a brand, BMW came 13th out of 30 manufacturers – a praiseworthy result.

Is the BMW X1 quiet?

A Quiet Cabin

The 2021 BMW X1 has a tranquil cabin. Take this vehicle up to speed on the highway and it is still quiet. It is only at full throttle when you will hear the engine make any noise, thereby reassuring you that it is, in fact, there. At idle, it is basically inaudible.

Does BMW X1 have timing belt or chain?

Bmw X1 Timing Chains Available Here. The primary purpose of timing chains in a vehicle is to make sure the engine’s valves all open and close at the proper times. A timing chain is essentially the same as a timing belt but generally speaking has a much longer service life.

What is BMW xDrive28i?

The BMW X1 is a five-seat SUV available in two trims: the front-wheel-drive sDrive28i or the all-wheel-drive xDrive28i. Both are powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine (228 horsepower, 258 lb-ft) mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission.

How often does a BMW X1 need servicing?

Servicing your BMW X1

We recommend a full service every 12,000 miles or 12 months – whichever comes first.

Are parts for BMW X1 expensive?

But the most important part is service cost and spare part cost which is quite higher in case of BMW cars. At least 6-7 lakhs of rupees per year will be spent on the car itself. I am agree too, The BMW SUV X1 is more like a very expensive piece of engineering to buy as well as harsh to maintain also.

Do BMWs last a long time?

Almost any BMW has the potential to run for up to 200,000 or even 250,000 miles with proper maintenance–and there are always going to be outliers that go further. Since every new BMW includes complimentary factory-recommended maintenance through BMW Ultimate Care, it’s easy to start off on the right foot.

Do BMWs break down?

Do BMW Break Down A Lot? No, BMWs do not break down at a higher or lower rate than other cars. RepairPal reports that the average BMW will need to visit a repair shop for unscheduled repairs 0.9 times per year.

What is the most reliable BMW?

10 Most Reliable Cars BMW Ever Produced

  • 8 2002 BMW 318i.
  • 7 2008 BMW 750i.
  • 6 2012 BMW Z4.
  • 5 2016 BMW M4.
  • 4 2005 BMW 325i.
  • 3 2019 BMW F40.
  • 2 2018 BMW i3.
  • 1 2006 BMW E90 330i.
  • How much does it cost to fill up a BMW X1?


    2020 BMW X1 sDrive28i
    Annual Fuel Cost* $2,900
    Cost to Drive 25 Miles $4.85
    Cost to Fill the Tank $84
    Tank Size 16.1 gallons

    Do all BMW X1 have park assist?

    BMW Parking Assistant (or BMW ‘Park Assist’ as it’s often known) is now available as optional or standard equipment on all BMW models from the humble 1 Series to the flagship X7 SUV. It’s only included as standard on more expensive models.

    Does the BMW X1 have blind spot detection?

    BMW X1 Highlights

    Standard safety: Active Driving Assistant, Daytime Pedestrian Protection, Frontal Collision Warning with City Collision Mitigation, Lane Departure Warning, Active Blind Spot Detection, and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert. Performance: 228 horsepower, 0-60 mph in 6.6 seconds, and 33 mpg.

    Does BMW X1 have sun roof?

    BMW X1 does not have a sunroof.

    Does BMW X1 sunroof open? (video)

    How much does it cost to install a backup camera on a BMW?

    The Best in Auto Repair

    The average cost for a BMW 528i park assist camera replacement is between $1,356 and $1,407. Labor costs are estimated between $194 and $244 while parts are priced at $1,162. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your specific model year or unique location.

    Is a BMW X1 a 4×4?

    All ‘Sdrive’ X1s are rear-wheel drive only, while ‘Xdrive’ versions get four-wheel drive. Handling feels sharp and well-balanced, with the rear-wheel drive X1 we tested proving itself very competent and enjoyable to drive. The manual six-speed gearbox takes a bit of getting used to, but feels positive and slick.

    Is the BMW X1 a 6 cylinder?

    Smaller than the X3, the BMW X1 is a compact five-seat SUV. The base 240-hp, turbocharged four-cylinder, mated to an eight-speed automatic, provides quick acceleration and is available with rear- or all-wheel drive. The 3.0-liter, 300-hp turbocharged six-cylinder gets a six-speed automatic.

    What was the best BMW ever made?

    The 6 Best BMW Cars Ever Made

  • BMW E30 M3 (1986-1991) The BMW M3 that started it all – the E30 was the very first M3 made and is considered by many car enthusiasts (us among them) to be the best ever.
  • BMW i8 (2014-2020)
  • BMW 4 Series (2014-present)
  • BMW 3 Series (1975-present)
  • BMW X1 (2009-present)
  • BMW Z3 (1998-2003)
  • Can BMW xDrive be turned off?

    You can’t swtich it off. This is from BMW’s technology guide. The BMW all-wheel drive system, xDrive, ensures your BMW has the best possible traction at all times, enhancing agility and keeping you safely on track, even on fast bends.

    Does BMW X1 need winter tires? (video)

    Is xDrive worth the money?

    Is BMW xDrive good in snow? It’s worth choosing an xDrive BMW if you regularly drive on snow. Its four-wheel drive system essentially doubles the amount of grip the car has allowing you to keep moving on slippery roads that would leave a rear-wheel drive BMW floundering.

    Are BMW expensive to maintain?

    On average, BMW owners can expect to pay between $150 to $400 per service every 10,000 miles. A major service can cost $1,000 to $3,000 or more. At the end of the day, owners pay about $1,000 to $1,700 per year for maintenance and repairs – higher than most brands.

    What is the smallest SUV BMW makes?

    The X1 is BMW’s smallest SUV and seats five.

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