How Much Is A Thunderbird Car Worth?

Today, you can pick up a classic Thunderbird for much less than a Corvette from the same era. However, the T-Birds still command a hefty price. Most examples on Hemmings right now are listed for between $40,000 $65,000.

How much did a 1960 Thunderbird cost?

The typical price for a 1960 Ford Thunderbird would cost anyone around $20,000 and up. There are a few models on the market for slightly less. However, these would likely need some more mechanical work done to them, which will soon hike up the overall cost.

How much is a 1965 Thunderbird worth?

Vehicle Valuation Analysis

Bodystyles Median Sale
Convertible $25,188
Hardtop $7,425
Landau $14,575

Is a Thunderbird a Pontiac?

Thunderbird. The Thunderbird, or “T-bird” as it is sometimes known, is a Ford vehicle that began production in 1955.

What is the rarest Thunderbird?

The rarest of all Thunderbird variants is the Sport Roadsters. Ford produced them on their third generation vehicles in model years, 1962 and 1963.

What year is the most popular Thunderbird?

1958 Ford Thunderbird

The 1958 Ford Thunderbird became one of the best-selling models of its time with 37,892 units produced and sold. It more than doubled the previous year.

What Motor came in a 1960 Thunderbird?

In the Square ‘Bird’s last model year, 1960, Ford offered three Thunderbird engines: the reliable old 300hp 352, the 430 and an Interceptor Special, a

What engine came in a 1960 Thunderbird?

The two engine options from the previous year continued to be offered. They were the 354 cid V-8 with 300 horsepower, and the big 430 cid V-8 with 345 hp. Power went put to the rear wheels through either a 3-speed manual transmission or a Cruise-O-Matic automatic transmission.

How long is a 1960 Thunderbird?


Length : 205.3 in | 5215 mm.
Width : 77.0 in | 1956 mm.
Height : 52.5 in | 1334 mm.
Wheelbase : 119.0 in | 3023 mm.

How much are old Thunderbirds worth?

A Classic Thunderbird Is Worth As Much As A New Car Today

Today, you can pick up a classic Thunderbird for much less than a Corvette from the same era. However, the T-Birds still command a hefty price. Most examples on Hemmings right now are listed for between $40,000 $65,000.

What Motor came in a 1965 Ford Thunderbird?

Engine manufacturer: Ford FE-series V-8 390
Additional features: Holley 4-barrel
V-90deg, OHV
Emission control:
Emission standard:

What was the year of the Thunderbird in Thelma?

The film’s iconic status is sealed by the vision of a 1966 Thunderbird convertible going over the Grand Canyon, but the undiluted hard truth is that the film was lucky to be made at all.

Are Firebirds and Thunderbirds the same?

The Firebird has the same speed and turn rating as the Thunderbird, but their main difference is in their stability. The Firebird is an overstable driver that offers power and accuracy. These features come in handy when throwing into headwinds. The Firebird is geared more towards intermediate and advanced players.

What car was in Smokey and the Bandit?

Burt Reynold’s 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, the car made popular by the actor’s iconic film Smokey and the Bandits, recently went up for auction at Barrett-Jackson — and if you had an extra few hundred thousand bucks lying around, you could’ve been the lucky owner of a slice of movie history.

Is a Thunderbird a muscle car?

Incredibly powerful for its era, the 1955 Thunderbird is one of the most unforgettable muscle cars produced by Ford. Equipped with a Holley four-barrel carburetor and dual exhausts, it had 193 horsepower at 4,400 rpm. The Thunderbird also had a significant glam factor, suitable for A-list celebrities.

Are Thunderbirds rare?

Thunderbird production ceased at the end of 1997. Production of a revived two-seat Thunderbird was launched for the 2002 model year and continued through the 2005 model year. From its introduction in 1955 to its final phaseout in 2005, Ford produced over 4.4 million Thunderbirds.

What year did the Thunderbird have a four door?

This Thunderbird was a close relative of the Lincoln Mark III, and it was available in two-door hardtop form or as a suicide-door post sedan. The convertible went away after 1966, not reappearing until 2002; the 1967-1971 Thunderbird was the last version available with four doors.

What was the first year the Thunderbird came out?

Ford stylist Alden Giberson stepped up to the challenge and recommended the name that the team would go with—Thunderbird. The first appearance of the Thunderbird was February 20, 1954 at Detroit’s first post-war auto show.

Is Thunderbird a good car?

Thunderbird owners have made 230 complaints over 12 model years. Using our PainRank™ system we’ve ranked it 26th in overall reliability out of 42 Ford models , with some engine and electrical concerns.

What was the fastest Thunderbird?

Ford Thunderbird Phase One D/F Supercharged – The Fastest American-Built Production Car Of Its Day.

Why did Ford stop making the Thunderbird?

Despite brisk early sales and good reviews, sales of the new Thunderbird couldn’t justify continued production, and Ford discontinued it again in mid-2005.

What transmission is in a 1960 Thunderbird?

Standard transmission remained a three-speed manual transmission, with optional overdrive or Cruise-O-Matic three-speed automatic transmission. Front suspension was independent, with coil springs and unequal-length A-arms.

How long is a 1963 Thunderbird?

205 in

Ford Thunderbird Third Generation
Wheelbase 113 in (2,870 mm)
Length 205 in (5,207 mm)
Width 75.9 in (1,928 mm)

What engine was in the 1959 Ford Thunderbird?

The base engine was the Thunderbird 352 Special V-8 which had, as the name implied, 352 cubic inches of displacement (there you go Rich), or 5.8 liters for all the Generation-Xers and newer in the audience. It was fed by a 4-barrel carburetor and pumped out an even 300 ponies at 4,600 rpm.

What engine is in 58 Thunderbird?

Two engine’s were offered for the 1958 model:

332 Cubic Inch Interceptor V-8 — 240 Horsepower,4-Barrel Carburetor,Dual Exhaust 352 Cubic Inch Interceptor Thunderbird Special V-8–300 Horsepower,4-Barrel Carburetor,Dual Exhaust.

How much does a 1959 Thunderbird weigh?

WHEELBASE: 113″ OVERALL LENGTH: 205.4″ WIDTH: 77″ HEIGHT: 52.5″ (Hardtop) 53.1″ (Convertible) WEIGHT: 3,903 lbs. (Hardtop) 3,813 lbs. (Convertible)
Thunderbird 352 Special V-8 Engine Features:

How long is a 1956 Ford Thunderbird?

Ford Thunderbird (first generation)

Ford Thunderbird
Length 175.3 in (4,453 mm) (1955) 185.2 in (4,704 mm) (1956 181.4 in (4,608 mm) (1957)
Width 70.3 in (1,786 mm)
Predecessor Ford Vega

How many 1965 Thunderbirds are left?

There was a very rare special order 427 available through certain ford dealers for 1963-1965 Thunderbirds, 120 of these ‘high performance’ T-birds were made. Only 6 are still known to exist today.

Are Thunderbirds expensive to maintain?

The estimated cost to maintain and repair a Ford Thunderbird ranges from $95 to $4290, with an average of $281.

How much is a 64 Thunderbird worth?

Vehicle Valuation Analysis

Bodystyles Median Sale
Convertible $23,100
Hardtop Coupe $10,593
Landau $10,698

How much does a 1965 Thunderbird weigh?


Engine Location : Front
Body / Chassis : Steel unibody
Production Years for Series : 1964 – 1966
Price : $4,392-$4,850
Weight : 4468 lbs | 2026.651 kg

What transmission is in a 1966 Thunderbird?

All Thunderbirds in this generation had three-speed automatic transmissions, and a couple of engine options, depending on the year. Standard power for 1966 was Ford’s Thunderbird Special FE V-8, which produced 315hp, thanks to its higher 10.5:1 compression ratio.

What engine came in a 1964 Thunderbird?


V 8 | Serial Number Code ‘P’
Displacement : 6391 cc | 390.0 cu in. | 6.4 L.
Power : 330 BHP (242.88 KW) @ 5000 RPM
Torque : 427 Ft-Lbs (579 NM) @ 2800 RPM
Bore : 4.1 in | 103 mm.

Is Thelma and Louise a real story?

Thelma & Louise is a 1991 American female buddy road crime film directed by Ridley Scott and written by Callie Khouri. It stars Geena Davis as Thelma and Susan Sarandon as Louise, two friends who embark on a road trip that ends up in unforeseen circumstances.

Thelma & Louise
Box office $45.4 million

What model Thunderbird was in Thelma and Louise?


Auction Scottsdale 2008
Year 1966

How many Thunderbirds were used in Thelma and Louise?

The 1966 Thunderbird

A total of 5 cars were used in the movie: one “hero” car used for exterior shots, one camera car, two stunt cars and a back-up car. The original cut of the final scene shows the car’s entire plummet, crashing into the Colorado River.

Is a Thunderbird the same as a phoenix?

The Thunderbird was a large, magical avian beast native to North America, and most commonly found in Arizona in the southwestern United States. A close relative of the phoenix, the Thunderbird could create storms as it flied and was highly sensitive to danger.

What year was the first F body?

The first F-body cars were produced in 1966 for the 1967 model year, as GM’s response to the Ford Mustang.

Did Burt Reynolds really drive in Smokey and the Bandit?

Who did the driving in Smokey and the Bandit? Stunt driver, Raymond Kohn, recreated one of the most iconic car stunts from the movie, Smokey and the Bandit. It’s a stunt that had never been done before in the region, according to event organizers.

Did Jerry Reed actually drive the truck in Smokey and the Bandit?

For many of his driving scenes, Jerry Reed wasn’t actually driving the big rig. The truck was loaded on a low-boy flatbed trailer and towed around by another 18-wheeler. Fred, the Snowman’s Basset Hound, was picked by Burt Reynolds because he did not obey commands very well.

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