How Much Is A Plymouth Fury Worth?

The National Automotive Dealers’ Association estimates that the lowest retail price of a 1958 Plymouth Fury is $17,500. NADA puts the average retail value at $28,800, and finally the high-end retail at $59,100.

How many Plymouth furys are left?

9 Answers. More than one, less than 100,000.

Is a Plymouth Fury a muscle car?

The biggest cars in the Chrysler stable have some of the smallest prices, and with average values ranging from $6700 for base models to $13,500 for higher trims, the 1965–68 Plymouth Fury is one of the most affordable machines of the muscle-car era.

How much is a Plymouth Fury 2 worth?

A: The lowest recorded sale price was $2,200 for a 1967 Plymouth Fury II Sedan on January 07 2021. Q: What is the average sale price of a Fury? A: The average price of a Fury is $32,420.

How much horsepower does a Plymouth Fury have?

The 383 produced 330 hp (250 kW).

How much horsepower does a Plymouth Fury 3 have?

1966 Plymouth Fury III 4-Door Hardtop 318 V8 (171.5 kW / 233 PS / 230 hp) (since September 1965 for North America ) specs review.

What’s the difference between a Plymouth Fury and a Plymouth Belvedere?

Fury’s trademark upswept side spear was shared with the Sportone Belvedere, the difference being that the Fury’s trim was gold anodized. Other anodized gold trim included the grille and hubcap centers. Inside, a custom two-tone beige, cocoa, and gold interior replaced the previous gold on white.

Why was Christine the only red car?

“They put grease on the bumpers and let it burn,” he said. You’ll recall that in the movie Christine was the only red car on the assembly line. That’s because the ’58 Fury was available in only one color combination, Buckskin Beige with Gold trim. In the movie it was explained that Christine was a special order.

Who owns the car from Christine?

Three of the officers who drove the vehicle all ended up killing their families in a murder-suicide. And, that’s just the beginning. Eventually, it was sold to the Allen family, and while no members of that family were ever harmed, several poor souls who vandalized the car in the ’80s and ’90s met tragic fates.

How much is a 1957 Plymouth Fury worth?

1957 Plymouth Belvedere – Fury

1957 Plymouth Fury Kissimmee, FL, USA $52,000 SOLD
1957 Plymouth Fury Las Vegas, NV, USA $47,000 HIGH BID
1957 Plymouth Fury 10 mi Portland, OR, USA $46,000 HIGH BID
1957 Plymouth Fury 78,869 mi Kissimmee, FL, USA $82,500 SOLD

What engine was in a 1957 Plymouth Fury?

The Plymouth Fury was equipped with an overhead-valve, 299.6 cubic-inch V8 engine with a Carter four-barrel carburetor delivering 235 horsepower at 4,400 RPM. An optional 3176.

Why did Plymouth go out of business?

Big Plymouths, including the Fury and Gran Fury, were sold until the early 1980s, but mostly as fleet vehicles. While attempting to compete with Ford and Chevrolet for big-car sales, Plymouth was hurt by Chrysler’s financial woes in the late 1970s, when both its competitors downsized their full-size models.

How much did Christine car sell for?

In the story, Christine was a jealous and murderous car who ultimately met her end in a car crusher. This example was used in close up shots and was ultimately raffled by the filmmakers to publicize the film’s release. The car led the sale at $275,000.

How fast is a 1958 Plymouth Fury?

The fastest ones achieved speeds in excess of 143 miles per hour, allowing it to easily dominate virtually any other car on the street or at the race track. Styling was classic 1950s, with a wraparound windshield, cockpit-like interior, and swept back fin design.

Was Christine a Plymouth Fury?

Although the the movie “Christine” included a 1958 Plymouth Fury as its main character, the film interchanged the vehicle with 1957 Fury cars and other Chrysler models. All vehicles shared similar characteristics and were highlighted in the movie based on Stephen King’s thriller novel.

What engines were available in 1964 Plymouth Fury?

Engine options included a new 426 cubic inch V-8 engine for high performance, which many fans thoroughly enjoyed, and the popular Slant-Six engines. Plymouth fans also enjoyed the Super Stock 426, the 426-111, with two four-barrel carburetors and ram induction.

What engine was in the 1959 Plymouth Fury?

The 1959 Plymouth Sport Fury was initially offered with a choice of three V8 engines. A 230-hp 318 V8 with a two-barrel carburetor was standard. A four-barrel equipped variation of the same 318 cubic-inch V8 was also offered, bumping horsepower up to 260. But, at the top of the lineup was the Golden Commando 361.

What engine did the car Christine have?

What Engine Did Christine Have In The Movie? The engine was an eighth-generation V-800, producing 290 horsepower and an automatic transmission was offered.

What kinda car was Christine?

1958 Plymouth Fury “Christine.” Bearing “her” famous CQB 241 license plate, Christine – featured in the 1983 film directed by John Carpenter, and the Stephen King novel that bears her name – will be up for bid at the 2020 Saratoga Motorcar Auction.

What is a Plymouth Roadrunner?

The Plymouth Road Runner is a mid-size car with a focus on performance built by Plymouth in the United States between 1968 and 1980. By 1968, some of the original muscle cars were moving away from their roots as relatively cheap, fast cars as they gained features and increased in price.

Will there ever be a Christine 2?

Christine 2: The Revenge is an upcoming horror sequel film. Coming soon in 2020’s.

Was Christine based on a true story?

However, unlike Network, which is fiction, Christine is based on a true story, and a devastating one at that. The film, set in 1974, follows WXLT-TV news reporter Chubbuck in the final days of her life, as she struggles with depression and eventually shoots herself in the head with a revolver on live television.

How did they film Christine fix itself?

The illusion of Christine regenerating herself was created using hydraulic pumps inside the car that were attached to the sides of a plastic-paneled body double. The pumps sucked in the sides to create the damaged version of the car, and then the film was reversed, making it appear like the car was fixing itself.

What happened to the charger from Christine?

A third survivor is known to exist, and possibly a fourth, although undocumented. He also claimed the Charger was a base ’68 model with a 318, Flowmasters, console automatic, and power windows. It was owned by a private individual who was paid to use the car for the movie, then it was returned back to him.

How many cars did they destroy for Christine?

It is believed that 25 1958 Plymouth two-door hardtops were required to create the magic of “Christine” getting wrecked and rebuilt on the big screen. 17 of those Plymouths were completely destroyed, six were used for parts and just two are said to remain.

What car is Lightning Mcqueen supposed to be?

HITC reports that he didn’t get his look modeled after one car. Instead, it’s been modeled after two: the Chevrolet Corvette C1 (produced from 1953–1962) and the Chevrolet Corvette C6 (produced from 2004–2013). Fans who saw Cars 2 know that in this movie, Lightning got some work done.

What year Plymouth Fury was Christine?

If that brings a specific car to mind, then you’re probably thinking about the demonic 1958 Plymouth Fury used in Christine, John Carpenter’s cult-classic horror movie based on the Stephen King novel of the same name. While King’s novel was a huge success, the movie didn’t get the same kind of love.

Which Plymouth had a push button transmission?

The push button system of gear selection was used on all Chrysler lines beginning with the 1956 model year, including Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto and Chrysler, including their compact models.

Did Plymouth make a Suburban?

The Plymouth Suburban is a Plymouth station wagon produced from 1949 until 1978.

Is Plymouth Colony still around?

Plymouth played a central role in King Philip’s War (1675–1678), one of several Indian Wars, but the colony was ultimately merged with the Massachusetts Bay Colony and other territories in 1691 to form the Province of Massachusetts Bay.

Did Plymouth ever make a truck?

Plymouth, the division of Chrysler that started in 1928 and was shut down in 2001, was never known for trucks. It built trucks for such a short period — from 1935 to 1942 — and only dabbled in them again with the easy-to-forget Trail Duster front-wheel-drive car-pickup in the mid 1970s.

How did the Plymouth Colony end?

Plymouth colony tried for many decades to obtain a charter from the British government but never succeeded. It eventually lost the right to self-govern entirely when it was merged with the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1691 and became a royal colony known as the Province of Massachusetts Bay.

Is there a remake of Christine?

The current progress of the film is not yet known, but while speaking with the Collider, Jason Blum revealed that the script for Fuller’s film had been finished. In fact, the producer is optimistic that filming could start in 2022. “We actually recently got a script, which was terrific.

Where was Christine filmed?

Filming locations for Christine: Calabasas, CA., Newhall, CA., Los Angeles, CA., Burbank, CA., Santa Clarita, CA., Monrovia, CA., South Pasadena, CA., Oak Park, CA.

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