How Much Does A 1991 Miata Cost?

1991 Mazda MX-5 Miata Base Convertible $12,475

Mazda Motor Corporation, commonly referred to as simply Mazda, is a Japanese multinational automaker based in Fuchū, Aki District, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan.

Is a 1991 Miata reliable?

I test drove a bunch, the Miata wasn’t the fastest but it was easily the most fun to drive, so that was that. It’s been a great car! Not only has it been a lot of fun, with great handling and a peppy feel, but it’s been incredibly reliable.

How much HP does a 1991 Miata have?

116 hp @ 6,500 rpm

Base engine size 1.6 L
Cylinders Inline 4
Base engine type Gas
Horsepower 116 hp @ 6,500 rpm

How big is a 1991 Miata?

155.4 in

Vehicle Identification
Length 155.4 in (2270 mm)
Width 65.9 in (1670 mm)
Height 48.2 in (1220 mm)
Wheelbase 89.2 in (2270 mm)

How much is a 1991 Mazda Miata Special Edition worth?

Mazda MX-5 Miata ‘Special Edition’ – NA (1991 to 1991)

1991 Mazda Miata Brg Special Edition Convertible 71,144 mi · Manual · LHD · Original & Highly Original La Vergne, TN, USA FOR SALE $18,000
1991 Mazda Miata Special Edition 78,591 mi · Manual · LHD · Modified Grapevine, TX, USA FOR SALE $18,000

How much is an original Miata?

Although it will depend on a whole host of variables, including trim level, condition, and any aftermarket parts installed, the 1990 Miata typically starts off at $6,000. Base models kept stock with very low mileage and in extraordinary condition can cost up to $15,000.

How many miles can a 1991 Miata last?

It’s also reliable. And, according to iSee Car’s data, the Miata has the potential to last for at least 200,000-miles.

How many MPG does a 91 Miata get?

24 combined

1991 Mazda MX-5 Miata
EPA MPG Regular Gasoline 24 combined city/highway MPG 22 city 28 highway 4.2 gals/100 miles
Unofficial MPG Estimates Shared by Vehicle Owners View Estimates How can I share my MPG?
Vehicle Specification Data
EPA Size Class Two Seaters

Are older miatas reliable?

True enough, the Mazda Miata has been lauded for its long-term reliability, and they remained popular because you don’t have to be precious with them. According to RepairPal, the Miata MX-5 has above-average reliability with a 4.0 out of 5 ratings, ranking 8th out of 21 subcompact vehicles.

What kind of engine does a Miata have?

Every Miata is powered by a longitudinally mounted 2.0-liter I-4 routing power to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual or—if you insist—a six-speed automatic. Output numbers read 181 hp and 151 lb-ft of torque and the eager little four-pot revs to 7,500 rpm.

How much does a 1990 Miata weight?

2182 lb

1990 Mazda MX-5 Miata
Vehicle mfr. Mazda Motor Corp., Hiroshima, Japan
Published curb weight 990 kg (2182 lb)
Weight distribution, f/r 52/48%
Wheelbase 2266 mm (89.2 in.)

Do 1991 Miatas have power steering?

While an open differential was standard fare, a viscous limited-slip differential was optional. The Miata was available in one trim level for 1990, but with two significant option packages; Package A included power steering, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, alloy wheels, and an AM/FM cassette player.

Are miatas reliable?

Are Mazda Miatas Reliable? The Mazda Miata enjoys above-average reliability, with some of its model years scoring better than others. RepairPal gave it a rating of 4.0 out of 5.0, ranking it 8th out of the 21 subcompact cars in its category. Meanwhile, J.D. Power rated the 2019 Mazda Miata a 73/100.

Is the 1991 Mazda Miata a stick shift?

This Miata is equipped with the desirable 5-speed manual transmission.

What year did Miata have pop up headlights?

Mazda debuted a 30th Anniversary Edition MX-5 Miata this week at the 2019 Chicago Auto Show, commemorating the momentous occasion when the very first Miata popped up its headlights at the 1989 show.

How much do miatas 1990 cost?

How much is a 1990 Mazda MX-5 Miata worth? The value of a used 1990 Mazda MX-5 Miata ranges from $1,573 to $7,663, based on vehicle condition, mileage, and options.

How many BRG Miatas are there?

Mazda Miata’s MX-5 Special Editions

Just 4000 of these so-called BRG Miatas are made for the U.S.

Do miatas hold their value?

A Mazda MX-5 Miata will depreciate 38% after 5 years and have a 5 year resale value of $19,532. The chart below shows the expected depreciation for the next 10 years. These results are for vehicles in good condition, averaging 12,000 miles per year.

How fast is a 1990 Miata?

The 116-hp four pushes the Miata from zero to 60 mph in 9.2 seconds and to a top speed—with the hardtop on—of 116 mph.

What is the most sought after Miata?

The most desirable Miata comes from the second, or NB, generation and is the 2004 Mazdaspeed MX-5 Miata. This Mazda came directly from the factory with great upgrades including a more powerful engine, improved Bilstein suspension, wider tires, a spoiler, and 17-inch wheels and tires.

Are Mazda Miatas fast?

The Miata records a top speed of 141 MPH and has a 0-to-60-mph sprint of just 6.7 seconds. All levels of the Miata also get a respectable gas mileage of 35 MPG on the highway.

Are miatas good daily drivers?

The NB Miata is undoubtedly one of the best driver’s cars on the face of the planet. To that point, the very attributes that make it a brilliant driver’s car (lightweight, RWD, short-ratio manual) are those which make it a sub-par daily driver.

Are 90s miatas reliable?

The NA MX-5 was lauded for its reliability, at least compared to older European sports cars, but the Miata still has issues to look out for, especially as it ages. One is rust, which is commonly seen on the rear rockers of the car, though it can also be an issue near the front, as well.

Are miatas good on gas?

Fuel economy: 22 mpg City / 27 highway (Based on new EPA rating methods.) As a sports car, the Miata’s got a lot going for it. It’s solidly built and reliable, comes with either a cloth top or a retractable hard top and, most importantly, it has the balance of a ballerina and plenty of guts.

What type of gas does a Miata take?

For optimal performance, we recommend using premium unleaded fuel of 91 octane or higher. However, 87 octane regular unleaded fuel is okay to use for fueling. The 2021 MX-5 Miata is equipped with a rear-wheel drive system.

What gas does a 90 Miata take?

Find and Compare Cars

1990 Mazda MX-5 Miata
Personalize Find a car 4 cyl, 1.6 L, Manual 5-spd Compare
Fuel Economy
EPA MPG Regular Gasoline 24 combined city/highway MPG 22 city 28 highway 4.2 gals/100 miles
Unofficial MPG Estimates Shared by Vehicle Owners View Estimates How can I share my MPG?

What years of Miata are best?

1993 – The 1994 to 1997 model year cars are arguably the most desirable, with a stiffer chassis, the more powerful 1.8-liter engine, and better brakes.

Is a 1990 Miata a good car?

It is fun to drive. It is no luxury car, but it has pop up headlights and is fun to drive. I have had the car for about 4 years and live near the mountains of NC, have not had any major problems, really no minor problems, did I mention it has pop up headlights and it is fun to drive.

Are Mazda Miatas hard to maintain?

NA is as simple as it can be. Everything is easily accessible and spares are usually pretty cheap, depending on what and where you are looking. It has been one of the most sold roadsters of all time for a reason. Cars US News calls the 1st gen Miata models as the easiest cars to maintain and repair.

Is a Miata a girl car?

That being said, we can all likely agree that the Mazda MX-5 Miata is not a “girl’s car.” But why would the public at large think this way? The Miata’s styling, up until the current (fourth) generation, was very rounded, soft, and “cute” compared to more “manly” cars like the Corvette and the Mustang.

What does Miata mean in Japanese?

Miata is not a Japanese word either. So, what does Miata mean? Miata comes from the Old German ‘miete’ for reward. It is believed that the name Miata is therefore meant to represent the “reward” that comes from driving one.

Does Miata have a good engine?

The Mazda Miata’s four-cylinder engine is small but eager. It revs quickly and smoothly, and it makes meaningful power at higher rpm, making it a blast to wring out and exercise. Acceleration is swift, and there’s sufficient passing power.

Are all 1990 Miatas manual?

Although previous generations of the Miata came with a standard stick shift, an automatic has always been available. However, it wasn’t until the latest generation (fourth generation) that the automatic transmission came standard and the manual was optional.

What oil does a 91 Miata take?

Engine Oil

Viscosity: Below 32 F .5W-30 Above -13 F .10W-30
Capacity: With filter 3.6 quartsAfter refill check oil level.
Torque: Oil Drain Plug…22-30 ft/lbs

Do Miatas have rotary engines?

Does Mazda Miata Have Rotary? If you’re buying this Mazda Miata, You’ll be buying it with a piston-driven inline four cylinder. There aren’t commercial Mazda Miatas with a rotary engine; we’re simply referring to it as a Miata. Mazda MX-5 Miata gets a 2.0-liter engine for 2020.

How fast can a 1994 Miata go?

The new Miata will reach 60 mph in 8.8 seconds, a half-second ahead of most Miatas we’ve tested. In a drag race between the ’93 and ’94 Miatas, the new car pulls away cleanly only after third gear; the new engine also feels peppier in the lower revs. And top speed is up slightly to 118 mph.

What engine does a NA Miata have?

Mazda MX-5 (NA)
Layout Front mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive
Platform Mazda NA
Engine 1,598 cc B6ZE(RS) DOHC I4 1,598 cc B6ZE(RS) DOHC supercharged I4 (Mazdaspeed) 1,839 cc BP DOHC I4 1,839 cc BP DOHC supercharged I4 (Mazdaspeed) 1,995 cc BP DOHC I4 (Mazdaspeed)

Why a Miata is a good first car?

Maintenance Costs & Reliability

Generally speaking, the Miata is a very reliable car. If you are after a sporty first car, then it could be a superb choice. You’ve got a simple layout and design (NA engine, rear wheel drive, little in the way of complicated systems) and superior Japanese build quality/reliability.

Does the NA Miata have anti lock brakes?

A larger engine, a passenger-side airbag, and some structural stiffening mark the first major changes to Mazda’s popular roadster since the Miata made its debut in 1990. The 1.6-liter engine gives way to a 1.8-liter unit. While the standard 4-wheel disc brakes have been enlarged, antilock brakes remain optional.

Do I need power steering in a Miata?

Miata’s have traditionally all have hydraulic power steering with the exception of the non-powered rack NAs. The bottom line is this… Most car manufacturers have been moving their models to electric power steering from the traditional hydraulic units.

Is a Miata expensive to fix?

Mazda MX-5 Miata Reliability Rating Breakdown. The Mazda MX-5 Miata Reliability Rating is 4.0 out of 5.0, which ranks it 8th out of 21 for subcompact cars. The average annual repair cost is $429 which means it has excellent ownership costs.

Can you drive Miata in winter?

Despite its reputation for handling, without winter tires, the Miata doesn’t handle snow very well. Even though all-weather tires might get you through the winter on your AWD SUV or your FWD sedan, it’s not enough for the Miata.

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