How Do I Set Up Caltracs?

CAL-TRAC SETTINGS Top hole – Hardest Hit (start here) Bottom hole – Softer Hit, moves IC forward More Pre-load, Softer Hit Less Pre-load, air gap, harder hit If car pulls to the right add a quarter turn of pre-load to the right bar and visa versa. Set front shocks soft Set rear shocks on #5, if car wants to porpoise go to 6 or 7 (harder).

What do Caltracs do?

CalTracs were designed for high performance drag racing. Running your vehicle on the street may produce a rattle. If this bothers you, before preload adjustments, install a piece of 3/4 inch heater hose fit to the length of the roll pin. This will cushion it against the bar to help reduce rattle.

Do Caltracs come with U bolts?

U-bolts NOT included in the kit.

Do Caltracs work with lowering blocks?

From experience, caltracs don’t work very well with multi leaf springs, they prefer a mono leaf. A lowering block will only change the rear ride height, not the arc of the spring. The position of the caltrac to the spring will not change.

What do traction bars do on trucks?

Traction bars are a great addition to any diesel and are a necessity in high-power trucks. Traction bars are designed to prevent axle wrap and wheel hop. Axle wrap happens when the torque at the rear wheels causes the axle to go the opposite direction of the tires.

How do you install leaf spring traction bars? (video)

How do leaf spring sliders work?

The AFCO leaf spring sliders eliminate the up and down movement of the rear spring eye caused by shackles moving through their arcs during suspension travel. Consequently, the rear suspension’s loading points displace less during suspension movement.

Are ladder bars better than traction bars?

Although you can boost the motion range, it can’t be any better than ladder bars. Minimizes ground clearance – Traction bars have lower mounts that allow the springs to bend less from natural compression.

Are traction bars noisy?

The truth about traction bars. One main concern of traction bars and other anti-axle wrap devices is that they are loud and will clunk when going over bumps and rough roads.

Are track bars worth it? (video)

How long should my traction bars be?

Crew Cab Short Beds (CCSB) Use the 70-Inch Traction bars for stock height. If over 4 Inches of lift you will want the 75-Inch Traction bars. Extended Cab Short Bed (ECSB) Will also use the 70-Inch Traction bars for stock height. If over 4 Inches of lift you will want the 75-Inch Traction bars.

How do anti hop bars work?

QA1 Rear Anti-Hop Bars relocate the upper trailing arms to change the instant center of the rear suspension. This will improve the chassis reaction and increases forward bite and traction. The QA1 Anti-Hop Bars are one of the most effective and easily installed traction improvements.

Where do you mount traction bars?

Place Traction Bar under rear spring, as shown in the illustration. Center Traction Bar so all suspension components clear adequately (U-Bolts, shock mounts, etc.) and be sure Rubber Snubber is fastened securely.

Will ladder bars work with leaf springs?

A ladder bar works with a spring supporting ride height, utilizing a fixed front point, coil or leaf spring. Using the ladder bar to aid ride height, has been done.

How wide are s10 leaf springs?

Leaf Spring Width: 1-3/4 Inch.

What is a mono leaf spring?

Mono-leaf springs consist of one plate of spring steel that is thick in the center and tapers out to the ends. The amount and length of the taper is critical to the durability and safety of the spring.

Are Caltracs ladder bars?

Ladder bars and trac bars are not quite the same thing, but they do the same. Caltracs are just another form of trac bars.

Are traction bars good for off road?

A properly installed traction bar will prolong the life of your drivetrain and suspension components in addition to increasing traction both on and off road.

Do traction bars really work?

Traction bars keep the axle from twisting backwards while it forces the drive wheels to turn forwards, completely eliminating leaf spring windup, and keeping the rear drive wheels forced down to the pavement for superior traction.

Why do lifted trucks need traction bars?

Traction bars are designed to stop the flexing of the rear end of your truck in order to prevent premature wear or damage to your axle, driveshaft, or rear differential when you accelerate hard or are going down bumpy roads.

What are signs of axle wrap?

Registered. Axle wrap is when your rear axle tries to roll the opposite direction your tires are spinning sometimes causing axle hop. It’s only a problem under hard acceleration, or when spinning the rear tires. The leaf springs will bend with axle to a certain point then they will snap back to there original form.

What is axle wrap?

Axle wrap is a condition that affects vehicles equipped with leaf-type springs under extreme acceleration and, occasionally, deceleration. When the driver of a leaf spring-equipped vehicle applies excessive throttle, the rear axle housing attempts to rotate around the axles as the tires grip the road’s surface.

How do you make your own traction bars? (video)

How do I install anti hop bars? (video)

How much does it cost to have traction bars installed?

Get Your Modified Diesel’s Power to the Ground

Price List (for our ’97 F-350)
2 Short-gusset, universal traction bars (kit includes two frame mounts) $726
2 Bolt-on axle mounts $299
4 ¾-inch U-bolts $147
Total Price $1,172

How do you tighten traction bars?

You should adjust them by pushing the axle back, I.e. lengthening the bars. If you lift the rear and let the suspension droop before you preload you will be able to put more pressure on them when the truck is back on the ground, but it will stiffen the ride.

How do you adjust a slapper bar?

To adjust slapper type bars, there are really only two ways to do it. There are aluminum “wedges” made that go between the spring pad mount of the traction bar and the spring to change the angle, or use longer/shorter snubbers. Some snubbers can be cut to shorten them.

What’s better 4 link or ladder bars?

A 4-link is definitely superior to ladder bars. However, a 4-link is only superior in application if you are willing to invest the time it takes to sort it out. A ladder bar has two or three adjustment holes that actually work; a 4-link might have 50!

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