Are TSL Boggers DOT Approved?

Boggers are extremely versatile D.O.T. approved and street legal, and can easily be modified and custom grooved for cut, open, and pro stock classes.

Are TSL Boggers good?

Some offroaders prefer to mount a set of Boggers on the rear with a set of Super Swamper TSL SSRs on the front for a great combo. Available sizes range from the 30.9″ up to the 44.1″ in tread widths from 9.8″ to 15.4″ in various combinations.

Pros: Very tough, Great traction
Cons: not meant for the road

What does TSL stand for Super Swampers?

We’ve taken the Super Swamper’s distinctive chevron tread pattern and famous, trademarked and patented Interco TSL (three-stage lug) tread design and made it into a wearable piece of awesomeness!

What ply are TSL Boggers?

A strong 4-ply sidewall and deep tread adds to its puncture resistance. However, this added strength comes at a price in a rougher ride on the street. TSL Bogger tires are available in a wide range of 15-20 inch sizes.

Are TSL Boggers radials?

The Super Swamper Radial TSL is radial version of the Super Swamper TSL which is the culmination of nine years of development and testing which produced the ultimate tire tread design by pairing the concept of the Original Swampers distinctive chevron tread pattern with the famous, trademarked and patented Interco TSL

What year did Interco Boggers come out?

1968 was the year when the world’s first 78 series full traction tire was introduced.

Are Super Swampers good for rock crawling?

Super Swampers are designed with a patented “three stage lug”, (hence TSL) and large voids between the lugs to quickly self clean the tread during high speed mud bogging. The large lugs, and soft rubber compound are also the qualities that are drawing the rock crawling crowd to love them.

Are Super Swampers good mud tires?

The Super Swamper TSL is obviously a successful tire in the mud, but its durable bias-ply sidewall and chunky tread makes it a solid choice for jagged rocky trails and sand too. Tire pressure is key.

Are TSL Boggers bias ply?

Super Swamper TSLs are a bias ply tire that offers unsurpassed traction under the toughest of conditions.

How much do Super Swampers cost?

Ratings –

Super Swamper Cobalt M/T Tires FROM: $377.11 Super Swamper Sniper M/T Tires FROM: $463.72
Super Swamper TSL SX Tires (8) FROM: $180.27 Super Swamper LTB Tires (10) FROM: $217.22
Super Swamper SSR Tires (17) FROM: $175.68 Super Swamper Thornbird Tires (3) FROM: $233.90

What bogger means?

bogger (plural boggers) Someone associated with or who works in a bog. quotations ▼ (Australia, slang) A man who catches nippers (snapping prawns).

Can you drive Super Swampers on the highway?

I’ve had several sets of swampers that ran perfect on the highway, 35″ thornbirds, 35″ tsl’s, 35×16″ boggers, 39.5×18″ boggers (2 sets), 38×15 tsl xs’s (2 sets) all of them ran fine on the highway up to and above 80mph after the first 5 miles of warm up, all of them except the tsl sx’s tended to flat spot sitting

Where are Interco tires made?

Interco Tire Corporation is a Louisiana based company that has evolved through three generations into a leader in the development of high performance tires used on four wheel drive light trucks and all terrain vehicles.

What sizes do super swamper Boggers come in?

Interco Super Swamper TSL Bogger Tire Specs Chart

Size Diameter Max Load
LT 15/38.5-16 119L C BSW 38.6″ 3000 lbs
LT 42.5X13.50-16 121L C BSW 42.5″ 3195 lbs
LT 19.5/44-16 119L C BSW 44.1″ 3000 lbs
LT 33X12.50-16.5 123L E BSW 33.2″ 3385 lbs

How good are Super Swampers?

For a super swamper they ride really well on the street. I have been in smaller trucks with the bias tsls an its like rideing in a drink mixer but these are quite smooth. Yes they are louder than street tires but they are not loud enough to drown out my raido. I have 36×12.

What are swamp tires?

Mud tires, also referred to as mud-terrain tires, are premium off-road tires engineered for extreme and challenging off-road conditions. Many truck and SUV tires deliver some off-road performance, but ultimately favor the street side of the tire performance equation.

Are Interco tires good?

The Interco TrXus M/T is a great daily driver tire. In the rain the tire performs surprisingly well, with zero hydroplaning. This is due to the fact that TrXus M/T tires have more siping than any other M/T tire on the market. Interco claims the TrXus M/T is magical in the snow, and they aren’t kidding.

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Who Makes Ground Hawg?

The Ground Hawg Mud Tire is a timeless classic “old-school” traditional Mud Tire Design that is reminiscent of early generation Mud Tires yet developed under today’s technologies by Interco Corporation.

Who makes a 40 tire?

If you want to rig out your Jeep with 40 inch tires, you’re in the right spot. We have an unbeatable selection of 40 inch off road tires from the most renowned tire brands out there, including BFGoodrich, Toyo, Nitto, Yokohama and more.

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